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“Paresh is a very professional and supportive instructor. He can be tough/honest with you and push you when you really need it or he can be supportive and patient. He will guide you through everything you need to know in great detail with diagrams and handy hints and tips. He is a great instructor who has taught me a skill I will use for the rest of my life."

Sarah Bates

"Excellent standard of training, very thorough, yet allows learning to drive to be an enjoyable experience! listens to what you find difficult and focuses on any problem areas you may have. I would fully recommend paresh to anyone learning to drive."


1. The best driving instructor I was taught by, the driving techniques he taught his students were faultless 2. utilized the time during the lessons very well in helping students practice the areas in which they may lack confidence in e.g. manoeuvres 3. very punctual- very efficient and time managed very well"


"Very understanding and supportive Instructor. Very Helpful with my weaknesses at roundabouts and reverse parking. Always reliable and friendly."

Saisunee Stokes

"I will remain eternally grateful to you for seeing me through my driving test. Your understanding of the whole process of driving test is second to none. You gave me the knowledge, belief and courage that I needed to pass my driving test."

Emmanuel Essien

"Hi, this is Abbott here, I learnt to drive with Mr Patel he very good teacher, I am from thailand and passed first time what more can I say."

Khrueawan Abbott

"My driving training was really convenient with regards to the timing of it, it was flexibly fixed around my schedule. The price of the training was very reasonable compared with other driving schools. My instructor was very capable & experienced and generally overall it was a good experience."